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Diamond Collection
Diamond Collection

diamond collection


The Diamond Collection is a quality label designed to give owners and charterers total peace of mind. This is the first initiative of its kind in the superyacht market and reassures people that the service levels onboard their yacht should be truly outstanding.

The charter market is changing rapidly. There are more yachts available than ever before. At the same time, yacht owners are seeking to ensure their yacht stands out from the crowd and charterers are becoming highly discerning with regard to the service onboard. The Diamond Collection is our innovative solution to these two key challenges.


This is a program for luxury yacht owners who are highly motivated to charter their yacht and want to make their yacht stand out through significantly raising the levels of service onboard. By taking the steps to ensure ongoing, top quality training and education, yacht owners will have a truly motivated, highly qualified crew and will ultimately secure more charter bookings.

The Diamond Collection is managed and operated in conjunction with IYS - Interior Yacht Services, the world leader in service excellence, training and auditing of customer service standards onboard luxury yachts. Vessels will need to meet a strict set of criteria to qualify for inclusion within the collection and to use the quality label.

The Benefits for Yacht Owners

The Diamond Collection status gives extra value to a charter yacht and makes it more attractive, unique and competitive on the charter market. Reputation is vitally important and raising a yacht’s profile in this way gives it significant additional appeal leading to increased charter revenue.

CREW TRAINING - Certified training and induction programs onboard
FEEDBACK SYSTEM - Feedback on every charter will be evaluated
AUDIT SYSTEM - Yearly audit to review the quality of service
ONBOARD SERVICE - Premium onboard service for owner and guests
RAISED PROFILE - Enhanced appeal on the world charter market

The Benefits for Yacht Charterers

The Diamond Collection aims to make the quality of service the number one driving force behind the charter, thus reassuring yacht charterers that their experience onboard will be exceptional compared to the rest of the market.

Promoting the Diamond Collection

Fraser Yachts understands the importance of world-class marketing and will be promoting the Diamond Collection through an integrated, sustained campaign using all aspects of the marketing mix. Yachts in the Diamond Collection receive additional, prominent exposure in all our marketing communications and the Diamond Collection logo is featured whenever the yacht is being advertised or displayed.


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