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Setting sail on a luxury yacht charter in North American waters presents somewhat of a dilemma. Where to begin? The incredibly diverse coastline of North America certainly offers in excess of 200.000kms of bays, cliffs, beaches, coves, seaside towns and inlets to navigate.

On the Eastern shores, the rugged, sometimes dramatic coastline has been defined and shaped by the Atlantic Ocean for millennia. From the craggy coastline of New England, steeped in maritime history with its picture perfect bays and towns whose beautiful architecture draws admiration and visitors, to the warm climes and calmer waters of the Florida coast, on just one side of this vast continent your luxury yacht charter options are vast.

Go west and the choices are no less enticing. Everyone should surely experience the waters and breathtaking nature of an Alaskan sailing experience at least once in a life time. The famous Alaskan Inside Passage originally used by ships to avoid the harsh open sea it is now adored for its stunning scenery, outstanding wildlife and idyllic sunsets.

The Pacific changes as you move south; cool breezes and brazing weather gives way to warmer, calmer waters. A yacht charter along the coast of North America’s Mexican Baja Peninsula, a haven for sport enthusiasts and clientele attracted by the distinctive architecture, culture and sunset margaritas, is testament to the sheer diversity of luxury charters in North America.

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