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The Romans named the stunningly beautiful body of water that separates Europe from Africa – Mediterraneus - or ‘centre of the world’. Nearly three thousand years later, thanks to this unique location a Mediterranean yacht charter offers an incredible variety of destination choice for every passenger.

Prior to the Romans it was Greek philosophers who speculated that the world was round as they watched white ship sails gradually appear over the horizon in stark contrast to the famous deep, deep blue of the Mediterranean sky. Guests on a luxury yacht charter in the Mediterranean can follow these ancient shipping lanes, drawing their own conclusions, across open water and along some of the most dramatic coastlines the world can offer.

The rich palette of Mediterranean colours, foods, traditions, sounds and history comes to life in no better fashion than when experienced as a guest on their own private yacht charter. Explore the mostly uninhabited islands along Croatia’s stunning Dalmatian coast in privacy, Greek island hop between white-washed Cycladic islands or venture to the glamorous epicentre of luxury yachting, Monaco.

Thanks to the Mediterranean’s unique combination of pleasant climate, beautiful locations, fascinating history and diverse cultures, together with the care and attention of a Fraser Yachts Mediterranean yacht charter, you’ll soon see what the Romans meant by ‘centre of the world’.

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